Home Education 4 Reasons Why Global Sevilla Is the Best Preschool Jakarta

4 Reasons Why Global Sevilla Is the Best Preschool Jakarta

4 Reasons Why Global Sevilla Is the Best Preschool Jakarta

Global Sevilla is one of the excellent international schools in Jakarta that provide great opportunities for students. The students are not only having a great academic achievement but also have well-being characteristics, especially for young learners. For these reasons, this institution is one of the best preschool Jakarta that you should consider. Here is the explanation.


The Reasons Why to Choose Preschool at Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla

  1. The Implementation of Mindfulness Approach

One thing that makes Global Sevilla stand out is the Mindfulness approach to shape young learner’s characters. This is essential for the young students since the study is not only about the score, but is also about their emotional value. The teacher and the school will guide the young learner and try to reduce the student’s anxiety and stress by the mindfulness approach.


  1. Character Building

There is no doubt that character building is successful in creating young learners’ ability to have a positive mindset. The learner will not feel stressed in doing all school activities, which means students will enjoy joining the class. Along with it, preschool Jakarta employs great facilities and a calm atmosphere to support the mindfulness approach.


  1. Fun and Practical Approach

To make sure that students get the best education, this institution uses a specific curriculum to teach the students. In this case, young learners are expected to acquire extra practical and fun education. It is because they lack focus and need a special treat to develop ability. That is why International Early Years Curriculum or IEYC is used to focus on children’s development.

With this in mind, Global Sevilla can develop young learner ability more specifically. Thus, fun exercise and effective learning will help them adjust to the classroom setting. The curriculum is also helpful to help to evolve students’ physical abilities, language, knowledge, creativity, literacy, numeracy, and personal development.


  1. Balanced Education

With the selective curriculum, the young learner will have better academic results. But in this case, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta doesn’t want to focus only on the score, but more on the individual development. With this in mind, the character building and mindfulness approach is used to develop the characteristics of a young learner.

All in all, Global Sevilla is the best choice for a young learner to develop their potential skills. It is proof by the targeted academic levels and the approach are. From fun learning activities to the mindfulness approach, all is adjusted to shape the student performance. Also, it employs character-building and a mindfulness approach to advance personal and emotional at the same time.



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