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12 Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategies To Follow in 2021


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world as of today. Almost everyone has used or at least heard of them. Thanks to its vast user base, it also doubles as an excellent platform for advertisers to show off their product to a significantly broad audience. In this film on Instagram marketing strategies and tips, we’ll be covering the following topics: 

  • Instagram Marketing Advantages
  • Tip 1: Optimize Your Bio
  • Tip dua: Create a Content Calendar
  • Tip 3: Get Greater Reach With Ads
  • Tip 4: Have a Visually Consistent Feed 
  • …and much more. 
  • Before we get into the essential Instagram marketing tips, let’s look at the advantages of marketing on Instagram.

    Instagram Marketing Advantages

  • Instagram has nearly 1 billion monthly active users. These users being rife with the opportunity to buy Tutorial di Youtubeyour product/ services.
  • The platform also has 500 million daily, active users.
  • Marketers who have already taken advantage of the platform can attest to more than 7 billion dollars of revenue being generated from Instagram mobile.
  • It also the home of more than dua million advertisers.
  • It offers increased conversions. Research indicates that more than 1/3rd of the audience using the application has used it to purchase products. Indicating that the more you advertise on Instagram, the higher the likelihood of your products being sold.
  • Instagram also offers a plethora of targeting options. Thanks to its parent company, Facebook (with which Instagram shares an advertising platform too), Instagram, like Facebook has access to features like advertising based on age, location, gender, interests, and much more.
  • You can also build better brand-follower relationships. As a platform, Instagram enables you to engage in conversations with your followers and build relationships with them. Understanding your audience based on engagement will also help you make smart and well-informed decisions about your content. This can significantly improve the chances of your follower to turn into a customer. 
  • Now, coming to the most important part: Instagram Marketing Strategies and Tips.

    Instagram Marketing Strategies and Tips
    Tip 1: Optimize Your Bio

    Your Instagram bio offers your viewers the first look at your brand. And that’s exactly why your bio needs to be captivating, informative, and engaging. Your bio can be used to give a basic description of your product, what kind of content you plan to post, merk hashtags, links to other social wahana platforms, and much more. You should also include a trackable URL to which you want to drive traffic, a link to your merk’s website, or your product laman. Make sure you track this link to see how much traffic it brings. 

    Here, you can see how Samsung advertises the bio effectively with a branded hashtag, different services, links to other pages, and a link to its website. It is one of the most basic and yet most important Instagram Marketing Strategy that is bound to give you a good result.

    Tip 2: Create a Content Calendar

    Having a content calendar for your brand is considered one of the most important things you need to make a mark on any social wahana platform. With a content calendar, you can keep track of the posts you have made or plan to make. You can plan and even automate when your posts go live based on when your audience is most active. You can decide what content, caption, image, or hashtag goes live when. It is also immensely helpful when you’re rencana to repost your older content. 

    Tip 3: Get Greater Reach With Ads

    Paying for ads will help you gain more followers, leads, likes, conversions, and more. The Facebook Ads Manager, through which Instagram ads can also be taktik up, gives you a whole range of targeting options based on interactions, interests, buying habits, and more. It also provides a wide range of options to choose from, like image and film ads, story ads, collection ads, and much more. 

    Here’s an example of how The Body Shop uses a single image ad with an attractive ad copy (which is offering a sale) and creativity. This will attract the customer to interact with the post and click on the link.

    Tip 4: Have a Visually Consistent Feed

    Aesthetically pleasing content always works on Instagram. And that’s where you need to put your focus. Your feed needs to follow a particular theme and connect to the audience within your industry. Your content must make your brand seem approachable and down-to-earth. 

    Here’s an example of aesthetically pleasing content. As you can see, the images here follow the theme of being underwater or blue. You need to make sure your content is understandable and follows an aesthetic fitting of your brand. 

    Let’s now continue with the next step in our Instagram marketing strategies and tips.

    Tip 5: Tell a Story

    Tell a story with the images, videos, and the stories you post. They must grab the attention of your audience and connect with them. Your captions can tell stories that make your brand seem more human and build deeper connections with your audience. Whatever content you make, it must align with your audience’s needs or solve a problem they face.

    The halaman here, Patagonia, talks about forests in America in their posts. Each post tackles and brings awareness to a different issue that affects nature.

    Tip 6: Use The Right Hashtags

    Using the right hashtags can greatly impact how many people will end up seeing your posts. Use something too generic like #newyear, #christmas, or #style, prepare to have your post getting lost in the sea of several similar others. Try to find keywords that incorporate trending and industry-specific keywords that your followers will connect with. Research also shows that the optimum number of hashtags is seven or less. You can also find what hashtags your competitors use and how you can do something similar. Researching on hashtags that are specific to your brand is also a great idea. These need to be short, memorable, and should ideally involve your brand in some way. 

    Tip 7: Take Advantage of UGC

    User-generated content enables your audience to involve themselves with your brand further. It’s cost-effective since the content created is made by the audience itself and approved by them. Regardless of your field, UGC can greatly help with converting users to advocates of your brand. 

    Here’s an example of how Starbucks uses UGC to advertise their products. In this post, Starbucks has posted a followers’ image of their children dressed in Starbucks products. Thanks to it being from another follower, oozes authenticity and will be greatly appreciated by the audience.

    Tip 8: Take Advantage of Video Ads

    Instagram offers three types of film ad formats for marketers. Single video ads that can create 60-second ads, carousels are a combination of images and videos, and Instagram stores that enable you to combine images and videos to create visually attractive ads. Although photo ads are more popular among marketers, film ads aren’t very far behind, with a spike in usage among marketers. 

    Here’s an example of the merk Pizza 73 using story ads to advertise their pizzas. It’s successful because they’re showing off the product they’re advertising with well-shot videos and captions. 

    Now, let’s move on to our next step in our Instagram marketing strategies.

    Tip 9: Partner Up With Influencers

    Influencers on Instagram are usually thought leaders within your industry who can show off your products/services to their audience. By connecting with them, they trust their audience has in them will translate to trust they’ll have in your brand. With the right amount of resources, tools, and guidance, influencers can provide great returns. 

    Here we can see how Ralph Lauren has collaborated with an influencer to advertise their products. The influencer is showing off the latest Ralph Lauren has to offer. This encourages his interested followers to check out the laman and buy something for themselves.

    Tip 10: Host Contests and Giveaways

    Contests and giveaways enable your audience to engage with your brand. Giving away your product or service improves engagement and brand awareness. You must plan out the process, collaborate with the right brands, taktik up competition rules, monitor the contest, and ensure it runs properly. You should also track the contest and share the results on other social sarana platforms. 

    Here’s an example of a contest run by Dominos pizza, which encourages people to contribute their own short stories and connect better with the merk.

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    Tip 11: Take Advantage of Stories and IGTV

    Stories are features that are a combination of images and videos that disappear after 24 hours. This has a significant impact on your reach and engagement. It also helps make your brand seem more approachable and authentic. Links to your website can also be added to these stories.

    IGTV, although assumed to be on the decline now, has a few advantages to offer the smart marketer. IGTV provides a unique mobile-friendly layout that works well for evergreen content like interviews and featurettes

    Another new tool they’ve introduced is Instagram reels. Instagram’s answer to TikTok. Instagram released reels through which users would be able to upload 15-second clips. And since it was released very recently, it’s rife with marketing potential.

    Tip 12: Track and Learn 

    Identify effective hashtags, visual styles, and the best times to post. By doing this, you can develop the best practices for your brand. Social listening and analytics will help you finetune your marketing strategy and increase Instagram engagement. 

    What’s Next For You?

    Now that we’ve covered some important Instagram Marketing strategies and tips, a great next step would be to take up Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Associate Master’s Program and be on your way to making a splash in Digital Marketing. 

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